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17 Jun

My favourite character of course is Goby, he is my little hero and I have to be careful I don't give too much away if you haven't read the book yet. But, Hebden has a special place in my heart too, he is a very brave and resourceful character that helps Goby along the way. There are many characters in the book that have been born out of wanting to portray something different and hopefully this is what I have achieved. I wanted to move away from the normal and create new characters that children would come to love, for example Squiggle the booquar, he is quite a character and plays quite an important part in the book. Another character that I find very cute are the impbahs, they have such smiley faces and of course can be quite impish!

Elphin is a little impbah, he may look cute but don't be misled by his appearance, he is quite a resourceful little chap and much respected within the Pumple camp. The only trouble with impbah's is how loud they can screech, this always make the goblins toes curl up in fright.

I have a villain in the book who was not always evil, circumstances made him this way and he treads a dangerous path that leads to traumatic ending. It would be interesting to hear what you think of him and how everyone treats him, please let me have your thoughts.

There is a very old and wise warlock in this story that helps the creatures from the Three Realms, he is full of mystery and magic and one who is greatly  respected and honoured for his wisdom and knowledge. The goblins need his helps on several occasions, I like the way he is admired and held in such high regard. I like to think all my characters help each other in some way, they are all connected and all have a purpose but of course, not always for the good of the goblins!!