I live in the beautiful town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Originally from Cheshire, I moved to Yorkshire and raised my daughter here. During lockdown through the recent pandemic, it seemed an ideal time to put my little goblin character down on paper and write my book. Goby is a character I invented as far back as 1992 when my daughter was two years old. Money was tight and I could not afford books, so I created stories and Goby was born.
Having a background in sales, it helps you develop a creative and imaginative mind, this helped me to create the land of the goblins called the Three Realms. In this land live some peculiar creatures and some you will already know, like witches and warlocks.
My first book has taken me a year to produce and I am more than half way through my second book.
I enjoy writing, I find it therapeutic and it allows me to escape the every day stresses and strains of life.
Living in Hebden Bridge is inspiring and helps feed my imagination, it is a place of enchantment in itself and well worth a visit.
I currently run a holiday let near the town, its called Hebden Royd House. Combined with my writing, it leaves me very little time for anything else but I don't mind.
I hope you enjoy reading about my little goblin, Goby which is pronounced Toby, like the jug and I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please subscribe to my newsletter and I will share my journey with you.
My goal is to encourage children to read more and put their mobile phones and tablets down, pick up a book and broaden their imagination. You never know, it might inspire them to write too.

Kindest wishes
Susan A Ellis