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22 Jul

This is the first drawing I did of little Goby, I was thinking to do an Alphabet calendar for my daughter but it never materialised. Maybe I will do this one day but of course I will draw Goby as portrayed in my book. With this drawing I had not put any ears on him, I thought at the time that there was something missing and of course nearly 30 years later I give him some ears!! You will probably notice a similarity to the position of Goby from this old drawing to the new one, but of course the difference being Goby is holding Squiggle the Booquar and not a duck! And his tummy is not as big.

I have always had a vivid imagination, I think I got that from my father would was a brilliant salesman, he worked in the textile industry and could sell any cloth to anyone! I followed in his shoes and entered the world of sales and throughout my career, I believe my imagination has helped me win over many customers and helped me progress.

It has been a wonderful experience to create Goby's world and introduce you to all the characters, some being more pleasant than others, but you always have to have goodies and villains.